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12th August 20
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School Council

Meet the team :  file (2291k)

The Student Council are the voice for the children in school. They meet regularly to discuss, plan and organise key issues or events.

The children were voted into their roles by their peers.

Year 1 - Joshua  and Amelia

Year 2 - Alice and Max

Year 3 - Austin and Holly

Year 4 - Sam and Lilly

Year 5 - Harvey and Alyssa

Year 6 - Isabel and Issac

Isabel, Harvey and Alyssa presented to the governors on Tuesday 6th November to explain who the student council were and what there vision was.

Above are the notes they used. We are really proud of them on how they conducted themslevs infront of school staff adults and some of the governing body.

Crazy Hair 2019

The Student Council invited the whole school to wear their hair differently and pay a donation of 50p towards school funds.

In the student councils questionnaire to their peers, they found out they needed to fundraise for headphones in the ICT suite.

The day was very successful and the children raised £80 towards 20 new headphones. Well done and thank you to all of you who contributed on the day.

New headphones :  file (1300.7k)

The Student Council team met the PTA on Wednesday 6th March to work collaborately on future fundraising events.

They also helped us unpack the new headphones which were purchased with the money raised from 'Crazy Hair Day'. Thank you to each and every one of you.